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Sea, sun and heavenly breeze
Writer: Lin Zhen Yuan
Published: Fri, 29 Jun 2012

Fishing boats resting on the gentle incline along the narrow waterway along the jetty.

If you are a landlubber, there will be times when the urge to see the sea becomes overpowering. Selangor has a number of coastal towns that are popular.

However, a few of these are hidden from view. The Dorani Bayu Resort which nestles quite unobtrusively in Kampung Haji Dorani beckons, sometimes reluctantly, to those who desire to sample her charms.

I have been to this resort at least twice in the past. But in the past, I was an erstwhile traveller who only had time to have a cool drink, a leisurely gaze at the horizon and feel the soft touch of the wind that gently caresses the land.

Recently, after working out the details of a two-night stay at one of 15 floating chalets or “chalet terapung”, we headed for the D’Muara Marine Park.

The destination is 5km from Sungai Besar town and 90km if you are coming from Shah Alam. 

Thanks to some newly constructed highways, the journey was smoother and more leisurely than in the past.

We timed our arrival at around 3pm and we were almost right on target. By the time, we opened the door to our chalet which was facing the sea, it was high tide.

Thanks to lapping water just outside the bedroom windows, the feeling of having our personal floating palace became almost too real.

For many long minutes, we laid on the wide bed silently worshipping the natural beauty just outside the window. 

There is an ethereal loveliness that is associated with long moving sampans across the sea horizon and the swaying palms that gracefully dance to the tune of the wayward winds.

Chalets with a sea view cost RM140 on weekdays and RM170 during weekends. There are also nine single-storey apartments facing the nearby village. Each of these apartments costs RM130 for weekdays and RM150 for weekends. If you need an extra bed, that would be RM30 extra.

The D’Muara Marine Park is sometimes called Dorani Bayu Resort because that’s the name of the company that manages it. It is located at Sungai Haji Dorani near Sungai Besar town in the district of Sabak Bernam.

You can easily miss it if you don’t pay attention to road signs. 

This resort was opened in April 2006 and it has become a favourite conference venue for organisations, companies and other groups.

There is a conference hall that accommodates 100 people. Food and drinks are prepared by kitchen staff at the resort. The conference hall has proven to be rather popular as it is frequently in use by groups and organisations.

The narrow road that leads to D’Muara Marine Park cuts through Kampung Sungai Haji Dorani. 

In the daytime, there is a row of decrepit-looking stalls selling vegetables and whatever the fishermen could bring in from the sea.

If you are not sure whether the lonely and often quiet road leads to your preferred destination, keep the faith and continue driving. Soon you will see a sign that points you in the right direction.

There are a number of activities that will keep families busy while others laze about in the sun, or daydream in the air-conditioned comfort of the floating chalets.

Fishing expeditions for groups can be arranged. There is a site for paintball games, barbecue area and even bird-watching for those who have brought along their binoculars and DSLR cameras with those special long lenses.

In the evening when the sun begins its descent over the long stretch of sea, the fishermen’s jetty beckons with its rustic appearance. The fishing boats return to anchor at their respective spots.

It is a world that is far removed that most of us city residents are familiar with. With the scattered tracts of swampland providing an idyllic backdrop to this bucolic and picturesque spot along the coast, all thoughts of yesterday’s backlog of office work and another day’s unfinished projects become fast fleeting memories.

When you wake up early in the morning, please give yourself the pleasure of stretching your well rested body on the deck chair with your feet planted firmly on the verandah handrail and gaze at the wondrous scenery painted specially by Mother Nature for your singular pleasure.

By 8am, the low tide reveals almost half a kilometre-long stretch of mudflats. This muddy wetland is filled with tiny aquatic creatures crawling their way across the soft ground, searching for grub.

A word of advice, if you want to have a late night snack, it is advisable to purchase whatever you want before you return to the chalet in the evening. It would save you a lot of trouble of driving out again at night because the journey outside is not worth the trouble.

Dinner is a bit of a challenge because you may have to go a bit out of the way to search for what you want or prefer. Sekinchan is not that far away. Neither is Sungai Besar town.

Even though this seaside resort keeps a low profile and is well frequented by locals, it stands out as one of the finest spots for R&R for tired souls emanating from PJ and KL.

If you really want to get away from it all and check out this place, you can jot down these GPS co-ordinates N03_38.320  E101_01.108. If you can call 03-3224-6800. The resort website is



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