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Scale the Summit for little treasures
Writer: Lin Zhen Yuan
Published: Fri, 12 Apr 2013

WHEN Subang Jaya was building its reputation as one of “the better residential estates” 20 years ago, the USJ Subang

Women’s handbags seem to be popular at most shopping

Summit was the local residents’ playground.

The shopping complex began operations in 1999.  With 1.2 million sq ft of retail space, it held great potential for future development. 

For many years, I used to avoid going to the Summit because it was out of my way and parking was a bit of a problem, at least for me.

However, one afternoon several years ago, I dropped by again. To my great surprise, this complex of no particular significance to me had suddenly “grown up”.

What began as a slightly humble multi-storied structure with uninteresting businesses had put on a new face.

The lower ground level had numerous eating joints which drew the young and old. But I was more interested in the Siam Corner which was located on the 3rd floor.

After my maiden visit to this “Thai food village”, I fell in love with the place -- hook, line and sinker. Once a month, I would make a little trip to Siam Corner and get my “fix”.

The food outlet is run entirely by Thais. So the Thai language is spoken freely among its workers, so much so that one could easily feel as if in that little corner of Subang Summit,, it was actually a Thai town.

The elderly Siamese auntie already knows me by sight because I am always ordering Som Tam (Thai salad) and its special rice dish called Patkaphao or something that sounds like that.

This rice dish is served with a mixture of minced meat and chopped up chilli padi. It is spicy, tasty and gives your mouth and tummy a kick like it was delivered by a pro footballer.

The ingredients for tomyam noodles and perhaps green curry.

Besides Siam Corner, there are two other eateries that offer value-for-money cuisine. One is Restoran Yaw Fatt which is just opposite Siam Corner and the other is Mamak Village which is on the lower ground level.

The roti bom at the Mamak Village is one of the best I have ever tasted. It has a wide selection of Malaysian favourites if your palate is quite localised.

Apart from this lower ground “food highway” where most culinary foodies would happily adjourn to, there are also shoplots that offer many quaint little items that your innocent eyes can feast on.

Take for example, the Lian Cheng Li accessories shop which sells a wide range of trinkets, bracelets, rings, necklaces all made in China. 

At one time in my life, I was thoroughly fascinated by those colourful stones that hardcore Chinese businessmen wear on their wrists.

I have no reasonable explanation for this temporary insanity but I did part with some “red notes” and acquired several of these bracelets which made some relatives stare at me for long periods.

The lady boss at this shop was quite charming. It is a weak excuse but I was always a sucker for a wide smile especially from a lady with pretty eyes.

Of course, there are a number of other outlets that have items that could not be found in the upmarket shopping malls. Generally, the things sold at Subang Summit are cheaper than many other malls I am familiar with.

Summit’s anchor tenant is the Giant, located on the lower ground floor. There are a total of six floors at this complex, starting from lower ground and reaching as high as the fourth floor.

There are 24 outlets in the food and beverage category. Apart from the usual ATMs and money changers, the outlets that cater to DVD collectors and computer software will give you something to think about over several weekends.

Personally, I am partial towards the reputable hardware shop Ace and the knick-knacks outlet called Mr DIY. My collection from these two outlets has drawn concern from my better half who sometimes wonders if I have too much spare cash in my wallet.

Sometimes you may inadvertently encounter some women from an outlet that offers massage services. Unless you are in dire need to revitalise your tired body, you are advised to quicken your walking pace.

These persistent women speak only Mandarin, so you have the option of ignoring them because of the language barrier. Just ignore all cries for the lowdown on a rubdown.

Not many visitors venture as high as the 4th floor because it only houses the 300-seat auditorium, Guan Yin Foundation office, management office, a piano music school and E-Kids Art Corridor.

The 3rd floor has the GSC cinemas, nine eateries, Pantai Nursing College, jewellery and optical shops, karaoke joint and a 7-Eleven outlet.

The Summit Hotel which is part of the complex has 332 rooms comprising Superior, Deluxe and Suites. Apart from Wi-Fi, ballroom, limousine service and function rooms, the strategic location is the envy of other malls.

Visitors to Subang Summit can reach Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam quite easily. And that’s not guesswork. I have travelled to the aforementioned places many times with great ease.

This shopping complex is near SEGi College and its back faces the new RM80m Giant hypermarket. The Mydin hypermarket is within walking distance.

Residents staying within a 2km radius will certainly have plenty of grocery options at any day of the week.

The only complaint that non-Subang Jaya residents may have is the traffic jam that occurs immediately after office hours. 

If you are in a hurry to get back to Damansara or Kuala Lumpur after 5.30pm, you may have to exercise patience.


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