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Selangor top draw for investors

Published: Fri, 14 Dec 2012

SHAH ALAM: Selangor has done it again - outshining all other states in terms of total investment value received for the period between January and September 2012.

Kok (second from right) and Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

“The state recorded the highest investment value compared to other states with a total of RM7.68bil,” said state executive councillor Teresa Kok.

Kok, whose portfolio includes investment, trade and industry, said this amount comes from 186 approved projects and makes up about 24% of the total investment value in Malaysia.

Sabah follows in second place with a total investment value of RM4.84bil and Sarawak in third with RM4.68bil.

“This shows that Selangor still remains the destination of choice for investors,” she said in a press statement.

From the total approved investments in Selangor, RM5.47bil (71%) comes from local investors and RM2.2bil (29%) from foreign investors.

By making up the majority of total investments, local investors show they are placing their confidence and belief in Pakatan Rakyat’s leadership in Selangor.

Manufacturing projects approved

Selangor also ranks first in the country by recording a total of 186 approved projects which represents 32% of total projects in Malaysia.

This is according to the latest statistics by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) regarding total projects approved.

New projects in the state came up to 112 with an investment value amounting to RM4.74bil.

Meanwhile, expansionary and other projects make up a total investment value of RM2.94bil from a total of 74 projects.

In terms of projects approved, Selangor is followed by Johor in second place with 128 projects and Penang in third with 81 projects.

Job opportunities created

From the projects approved, a total of 16,076 job opportunities have been created which amounts to 29% of total job opportunities created.

A total of 9,648 employment opportunities come from new projects, while another 6,428 are from expansionary and other projects.

In terms of job creation, Selangor comes in at second place after Johor, which recorded 17,726 jobs. Penang is third with 7,388 jobs

Manufacturing projects approved according to foreign investment participation

Regarding the involvement of foreign investors in Selangor, the main source of investment comes from Singapore with a total of RM595mil.

This is followed by Switzerland with RM267mil and Germany with RM227mil.

Approvals by industry

The transport equipment manufacturing industry recorded the highest investment value which is RM3.28bil with 32 projects.

This is followed by the food manufacturing industry at RM1bil with 14 projects, while the basic metal products industry brings in RM729mil with 12 projects.

Project approvals by district

The Petaling district recorded the highest total investments at RM2.3bil with 71 projects, followed by the Hulu Selangor disctrict with RM2.2bil and five projects.

The Klang district recorded the third highest investment value at RM1.4bil with 40 projects.


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