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In for a sweet treat
Writer: Brenda Ch'ng
Published: Fri, 12 Apr 2013

SITTING in an unassuming little corner, hidden behind a Malay restaurant at the junction of Jalan SS15/7 Subang Jaya, is a white contemporary boulangerie and patisserie known as Shakespeare.

Angry Pizza.

With its classy white decor and contemporary architecture, this French pastry and bakery reminded us of adorable little pastry cafes located by the cobbled paths overseas.

As we take our pastries, bread and desserts very seriously, we were all smiles when we spotted this eatery knowing that pretty little cafes like that are hard to come by around here.

In we stepped and our attention was immediately drawn to the line of colourful macaroons on display in the cold section along with a variety of unique cakes which left us dumbstruck.

Among the quirky desserts on display were the huge gum ball looking strawberry yoghurt cake, and white heart shaped macaroon which was filled with strawberry cream, raspberries and blueberries. 

We took one of each and as our eyes wandered further we stacked up more and more sweets on our tray.

The strawberry yoghurt cake was interesting, tasting a little sour due to the strawberries but its texture smooth and soft.

It is recommended to be shared among two to three people as this pink orb-like dessert is definitely too much for one person.

Holding the orb in place was a thin round layer of cake which complements the yoghurt.

The macaroon on the other hand had a nice fluffy texture, making it a little meringue-like, but we thought that the strawberry cream was a little too sweet.

On second thoughts, we figured, which macaroon isn’t sweet? 

Even the lovely ones sold at the most famous macaroon shop in the world, Laduree in Paris, are as sweet or even sweeter.

Next we also sampled the green tea tiramisu, a little dessert where Japanese meets French.

Green tea lovers will be in for a treat with this dessert, as we thought it was not sweet and every bite drew the sweet tasting green tea flavour.

In replacement of the coffee and liqueur cake was the red bean, layered between green tea cream and normal white cream, which normally is mascarpone cheese.

The sweetness level of this dessert was just right, but could go a lot better if eaten with tea on your side.

Being in a French-inspired bakery, we just had to have the Profiterole, or as they labelled it Profit Roll on the tag.

Three medium-sized cream puffs, or choux a la creme as they call it in French, sit on top of a cup filled with a layer of chocolate cream, chocolate cake and cookie crumbs.

Strawberry Yoghurt cake

Dig all the way to the bottom and we tasted a little bitterness to the chocolate, confirming our question of if real chocolate was used or was it just chocolate syrup.

It is recommended to scoop up the cream and smear it onto the puffs as the puffs alone, though filled with a little cream is not sweet.

As the saying goes, the best profiteroles are those which are as light as air. This one is pretty close.

Among other things that were sold there was a whole array of bread and pastries not commonly found at other bakery’s.

Like the mini caramel croissant, almond croissant, maple french toast, raisin mango scone, almond cream cheese danish and many more.

Being a huge fan of croissants, we were happy with the ham and cheese croissant and the caramel one as it was fluffy and crispy with every bite.

It’s a wonder how this place is not as popular yet among the youths from colleges and universities nearby, or even families who live close.

Then we found out that this place only opened a few months ago and we guessed word of this patisserie and boulangerie has not got out yet.

This shop is comparable to another cafe in Kuala Lumpur called LeVain Patisserie and Boulangerie which serves hot fresh breads and pastries which leave you running back for more.

Apart from these tastebud-tingling treats, Shakespeare also serves hot food like pastas, pizzas, soup, and breakfast consisting of omelettes, croissant and croque madame (chicken salami, grilled cheese sandwich).

For lunch and dinner we recommend the Angry Pizza, really simple ingredients but tastes amazingly good.

Beware though as this angry pizza is topped with spicy minced chicken which really is fiery.

But what we liked most was the pizza bread, which was soft, thin and easy to chew.

So sweet tooth’s out there, do check out this cafe located at 9G, Jalan SS15/7 Subang Jaya.

Opening hours are from 8am to 10pm. 

For more information, call 03-56326001


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