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Wake up early for Puteri Market
Writer: Lin Zhen Yuan
Published: Fri, 13 Apr 2012

It’s almost an ordeal to wake up at 7am. But after the mental fog clears up, LIN ZHENYUAN finds himself in a pulsating market in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

I wouldn’t recommend it but if you are feeling adventurous you may try this to add some spice to your dreary existence. Set your alarm at 7am, then warm up your car and take a 20-30 minute drive to Bandar  Puteri Puchong, depending on the location of your residence.

Right smack in the middle of the fairly new residential area, you will find yourself staring at the big sign “Puteri Mart”.

If you show up at 8am, you will have plenty of parking bays to choose from. Altogether, there are 240 parking bays around the entire market complex. The Puteri Market was officially opened in August 2007.

It is Puchong’s numero uno (No. 1) private wet market. The RM6.5 million modern market consists of a mini-market, provision shops, food court and a wide concourse for make-shift hawker stalls.

There is also a section comprising butcher stalls. That area is neatly tucked away at the corner of the complex. The architect of the building is a wise person who is aware of sensitivities of the various Malaysian communities.

I only found out later that I had arrived an hour earlier than most people because the market operates from 7am to 10.30pm.

I have been to this market on a number of occasions and the place seldom disappoints me because of its well organized and cleverly designed structure. There are 49 ‘wet market’ stalls, 29 ‘dry produce’ stalls and two dozen shoplots.

Puchong’s population is fast approaching 400,000 and Puteri Mart’s appearance is timely and necessary.

Leaving my house without breakfast was intentional because I relished the idea of having a nice meal at the food court. But I failed to take into account the early morning traffic congestion near the Damansara Toll Plaza.

Who could expect a 25-minute traffic jam at 7 in the morning? Not me. I am one of those who do not open his eyes until 10am. But the recent occasion was a rare one and it was an invaluable lesson for me.

My first stop at the Puteri Mart was the Vegetarian Rice stall because it had some lovely dishes manned by two foreign women workers. It came as a surprise that the women had become experts at serving vegetarian dishes.

I did entertain the thought that they must have had good culinary tutors. Anyway, with a number of items piled up on my mee/beehoon, I was quite ready to jump-start the morning.

Vegetarian dishes from my experience are best consumed fresh out of the wok. I particularly like fried mushrooms, oyster-sauced black mushrooms with fu chuk and a well fried bull’s eye of an egg.

Two plates of this vegetarian breakfast cost a reasonable sum of RM8. That’s what I call a Malaysian breakfast as it could not be found anywhere in most parts of the world.

Next to the vegetarian stall was the Thai Bali Fried Rice which I had no inkling of. What is this foreign concoction of a meal? However, it looked like one of those ‘must-try’ dishes.

The Puteri Mart food court is called Nice To Eat Food Centre with an accompany lucky Chinese numerals 928. So if you are feeling lucky, you know what to do with a couple of ringgit this weekend.

There are 50 stalls inside Nice To Eat food court.

At the wet market section, the first stalls that greeted me were those selling fish, prawns and other seafood. A fishmonger who saw my camera happily took out his prized item, a Rainbow fish from Sabah.

“This one is the best,” he said in Cantonese. Fortunately, I have eaten this Rainbow fish in the past. It was indeed a juicy meal.

A nearby stall advertised itself as “Sekinchan Fishery”. Frankly, I didn’t know Sekinchan was well known for its fish. I have come across “Sekinchan fishball noodles” before but not fish.

A couple of steps away were the chicken stalls which had neatly arranged dozens of freshly slaughtered chicken. Some of these stalls were manned by foreign workers who were obviously Myanmar nationals.

This residential market complex is located within walking distance from the country’s biggest indoor badminton court. It is the privately owned Michael’s Badminton Academy. Inside the building there are  32 badminton courts.

It is also near the 15-acre Town Park which has amenities and facilities for recreation, relaxation and exercise.

I am seldom impressed by wet market complexes but the Puteri Mart is an exception. With a 24-hour security system and wide roads in the neighbourhood, it leaves little room for fault-finding.

Puchong needs a modern residential market. Currently it has 30 townships under the Subang Jaya Municipal Council and 16 townships under the Sepang Municipal council.

For a former tin mining town and a used-to-be rubber estate, it is doing not too badly. When the sun rises again over Bandar Puteri Puchong tomorrow, Puteri Mart will once again awake to the clarion call of catering to the needs of the thousands of families staying nearby.

Wake up and smell the coffee, my friends. Better still, have a cuppa or two.


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